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Consultancy and Training

Our passion for coffee leads us to share our knowledge, helping our clients to improve the quality of the beverage and the coffee business. Our clients hope to enjoy coffee beverages that highlight the enjoyable characteristics of especial coffees and we are able to help you.

Our consultancy and training its focus to offer solutions that help to improve the quality of the coffee beverages for business like hotels, coffee shops, office or other companies, helping you in these way to improve also the value of the business, we cover topics like:

- Evaluating the different coffee characteristics like fragrance, aroma, body and acidity among others.
- Factors that influence in the quality such as the coffee origin and the benefit process.
- Training in the preparation of hot / cold beverage based of coffee
- Alternative methods for prepare coffee
- Accurate ground levels for the desire method
- Use and preventive maintenance of espresso machines

And to add more value to the coffee presentations we also offer especial cups design for coffee from the brand Corona