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About Us

We are a company that continues the coffee tradition started in the 1990’s at the coffee fields in Rodriguez de Mendoza in Amazonas – Peru. And today offer the chance to enjoy Peruvian’s coffees of the best quality through the brands of Montcafé.

Our coffee tradition and strength of professional team with solid knowledge and social sense improve the management of a company which offers to its clients products of excellent quality with state-of-the-arts agricultural practices.

Our coffee is produced without the use of chemical products, with ecologic techniques that supports to keep a clean environment and a good health of our customers. Montcafé’s origin is located in Rodriguez de Mendoza, province known as the “Ecological Capital of Coffee” located at the department of Amazonas in Peru.


Be part of the important moments of our clients, by providing them energy and awakening their passion they have inside through our coffee; and staying compromised with good agricultural and social responsible practices.


Be recognized as company that is part of the life of our customers by providing high quality coffees that contribute to a clean environment and our good health.

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