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Coffee Cupping

Cupping is a process that allows distinguishing the strengths and weaknesses that a coffee can has, all this can be expressed in an order way following the SCAA protocol, which considered the following attributes: Fragrance, aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, uniformity, clean cup, sweetness and an overall impression.

- Fragrance is the smell from the roast and ground coffee, without adding water; while the aroma is the smell released once hot water is added.
- Acidity is a desirable characteristic of the coffee, when it has citric notes like grapefruit, lima, mandarin and lemon.
- Body is related to the density of the coffee because of the natural coffee oils, the body can be described such as creamy, buttery, smooth and medium.
- Aftertaste Is the taste the coffee left after drink coffee, a pleasant and juicy taste is desirable
- Balance is defined as the harmony of all the elements mentioned above.
- Clean Cup refers to the absence of any negative impression or defect in all the sample cups.
- Overall impression it refers to the appreciation of the cupper over all the elements mentioned above during the cupping

Each attribute can have a score up to 10 points, and a coffee can be considered special if it exceeds the 80 points over 100.

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