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How We Produce Our Coffee

The coffee we produced is from the Arabica variety (Typica, caturra, catimor, novo bourbon and pache), which has adapted very well to the Peruvian high jungle, thanks to its mountain climates which has rain during all the year. This variety is considered such a smooth coffee, less bitter which has positioned such as the best especial coffee.

The coffee production is developed with eco friendly techniques preserving the forest and avoiding the use of chemical components.

The coffee harvest star between March and April in the coffee regions with lower altitude and the gross volume is harvest between June and August, in the following months is possible to continue harvesting coffee in regions with more altitude.

The harvest is develop manual and in a selective way, which is done in majority by women, who are more carefully and skillful in the moment of select each coffee bean.

The following step in the processing of coffee is named wet benefit. Which star with the cherry pulped fermented and washed, which then is natural dried under the sun until obtain the 12 % level of humidity. In this stage the color is beige or cream and is named parchment coffee.

After this the coffee pass through the process of pounded or threshed, where the beige skin is removed the coffee bean shows a green color being named also gold coffee, then the coffee beans is selected by the size, which then allow to obtain a standard roast.

The process of roast coffee allows that the coffee bean shows it´s organoleptic properties. In this stage the green coffee is roasted under high temperatures for the period of time required in order to obtain the desired roast profile and for the preparation method chosen. The coffee loss weight between 15% and 20% according to the level of humidity and the roast profile; besides the coffee volume increase 100% and change from green color to light or dark brown, realizing aromas, fatty substances reducing sugars and chlorogenic acid.

Finally to enjoy Montcafé you must have the ideal coffee grinding level for the coffee method selected. We also package our coffee in especial bags which help to conserve the freshness and quality.

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